Some people lack the physical strength to wield a sword or draco into battle. Some people lack the keen eye to fire an arrow right between the eyes of a foe. Some people lack the magical aptitude to wield elemental or healing magic. Some people...are just good at building stuff...that blows up.


-In the eyes of builders, men are just another tool-

Armicustos saying (often used in a negative setting)


The Crusader is the backbone of every army. Although their use is pretty straight forward, their skills in combat are indispensable. Crusaders train in one handed weapons and shields. The less experienced Crusader often focuses on attack, neglecting defense, as a result their casualty rates are among the highest.


"Maybe that's why they call themselves 'grunts', cause a grunt can take it, can take everything...

Venators are the main source of damage in an "infamia" army. They wreak havoc from afar with deadly precision. Most armies consist of disproportional more Venators than any other class, probably because they are cheap to maintain and do such consistent damage.


“Two to the chest and one in the head”

-Venator training guideline-


Not everyone is cut out to be a Draconarius. They are considered rare among the "Infamia". Soldiers becoming a Draconarius have to have a great physique to be able to handle the two handed canon. The most common flaw found among Draconarius is there nature towards aggression...


-Playing with fire is bad for those who burn themselves. For the rest of us, it is a very great pleasure.-

P. Starkland" widely credited as the first fighting Draconarius